Жанета Гелева Вељановска

Zani graduated from the Faculty of Fine Art Skopje, Macedonia in 1989 and same year she became a member of the Association of Artists of Macedonia, DLUM. She participated at many exhibitions in Macedonia, UK, France, USA, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland. Her artworks are present in many public and private collections worldwide.


2018, Skopje (MK), Acanthus Gallery, I Believe I Can Fly

2018, Vienna (AU), Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia

2017, Skopje (MK), TCC Grand Plaza

2016, London (UK, Gallery 106, The World of Relaxed Spontaneity

2016, New York (US), Gallery MC

2015, Skopje (MK), National Gallery, Cifte Amam

2015, Sofia (BG), National Gallery

2015, Paris (FR), Care D’ Artistes

2014, London (UK), Borders

2014, Skopje (MK), NLB Tutunska Banka Gallery

2013, Paris (FR), Care D’ Artistes

2013, Nagykanizsa (H), Kanizsai Kulturalis Kozpont

2012, Paris (FR), Care D’ Artistes

2012, Szeged (H), Grand Caffe

2012, London, Europe House (UK), 12 Star Gallery

2011, Skopje (MK), Gallery OKO

2011, Skopje (MK), Gallery WMC

2010, London (UK), GX Gallery

2009, Aix en Provence (FR), Carre D’Artistes

2009, Bath (UK), Rostra and Rooksmoor Galleries

2008, London (UK), Opal Gallery

2008, Skopje (MK), Cultural Informativ Centre

2007, London (UK), GX Gallery

2007, Bath (UK), Rostra and Rooksmoor Galleries

2006, London (UK), GX Gallery

2006, London (MK), Macedonian Embassy

2005, London (UK), Croydon Clocktower

2004, London (UK), Sun Lounge, Fairfield Halls

2000, Bitola (MK), The Art Gallery

1996, Skopje (MK), Skopje City Museum

1993, Strumica (MK), Cultural Centre

1992, Skopje (MK), Daut Pasha’s Amam Art Gallery

1992, Veles (MK), City Art Gallery

1992, Ohrid (MK), The Urania House Gallery

1991, Kumanovo (MK), Art Gallery of Modern Arts

1990, Mostar (B&H), The Theatre Club Gallery

1990, Sisak (CRO), The Glass Gallery

1989, Skopje (MK), Art Kompas-Gallery



2019, Trieste (IT), Central European Initiative – CEI, Cultural Conection Solution for the future

2018, Skopje (MK), National Gallery, Chifte Amam

2014, Paris (FR), Carre D’Artistes

2014, London (UK), GX Gallery

2014, Lyon (FR), Carre D’Artistes

2014, Skopje (MK), NLB Tutunska Banka Gallery

2014, Skopje (MK), Welcome Macedonia Centre Gallery,DMWC

2014, Skopje (MK), Gral Gallery

2013, New York (USA), Carre D’Artistes

2010, Lyon (FR), Carre D’Artistes

2009, Aix-en-Provence (FR), Carre D’Artistes

2008, Barcelona (SP), Carre D’Artistes

2008, Bordeaux (FR), Carre D’Artistes

2006, London (UK), The Hilton, Part of the Vision Heritage Project

2006, London (UK), Fairfield Halls, International Women’s Heritage

2005, London (UK), Cat Hill Gallery, Group Show

1999, London (UK), Blains Fine Art, Mayfair

1997, Sofia (BG), The International Triennial of Painting

1996, Skopje (MK), Winter Art Gallery

1995, Berlin (DE), 5th Kunsler aus Macedonien

1995, Skopje (MK), The 4th Winter Saloon, Daut Pasha’s Bath

1994, Skopje (MK), 11th Small Scale Painting, Cultural information Centre

1992, Skopje (MK), The First Winter Saloon of the DLUM, Art Gallery

1990, Dresden (DE), Ausstellung im Kulturrathaus

1990, Nürnberg (DE), Sieben Kunstler aus Skopje

1989, Pancevo (YU), Contemporary Movements in the Macedonian

1989, Skopje (MK), Painters Graduated from the FLU, Daut Pasha’s Amam

1987, Skopje (MK), The young Art Creators, Young Centre



2010, London (UK), Battersea Contemporary Art Fair

2007, Bristol (UK), AAF (The Affordable Art Fair)

2007, London (UK), Battersea Contemporary Art Fair

2007, Glasgow (UK), Glasgow Art Fair

2007, London (UK), AAF (The Affordable Art Fair)

2006, London (UK), Alexander Palace Art Fair

2006, London (UK), The Great Art Fair

2006, London (UK), Battersea Contemporary Art Fair

2006, London (UK), Battersea Contemporary Art Fair

2005, London (UK), Business First, London & South East’s Biggest Business Event Of The Year, at Fairfield Halls, Croydon

2005, London (UK), Battersea Contemporary Art Fair

2004, London (UK), Battersea Contemporary Art Fair